How does CBD oil help menopause symptoms?

CBD oil for menopause

Cannabidiol (CBD) may help with menopause symptoms. With well over 100 cannabinoids, CBD is one of the natural derivatives of the cannabis plant. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that is responsible for the ‘high’ people experience, CBD is not intoxicating, non-impairing and can positively influence well-being.

Whilst there are no specific studies at present directly relating to CBD oil and its benefits on the menopause, there is a growing body of both pre-clinical and clinical research indicating the potential medical effects its’ use can have alleviating certain conditions. These include anxiety, insomnia, joint aches and pains, hot flushes, memory problems, mood swings and depression, some of the signs associated with the menopause symptoms.

Can CBD oil relieve menopause symptoms?

It appears the menopause can cause disruption to the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) of the body leading to many of the health issues women face during the menopause. There are many cannabinoid receptors in the female reproductive system, therefore using CBD oil can help the ECS deal with the dysregulation experienced caused by the menopause. Whilst there are no specific studies at present directly relating to CBD and its benefits on the menopause, research indicates its use can alleviate certain symptoms associated with the menopause.

CBD oil is fast becoming the ‘go-to’ popular alternative treatment due to its natural therapeutic properties, therefore some individuals may use it for helping to manage menopause symptoms they experience.

What are the specific symptoms CBD oil can help with during the menopause?

CBD oil is likely to influence many debilitating health issues directly linked to menopause symptoms including, but by no means exhaustive:

  • The neurochemical disturbance causing hot flushes and night sweats – CBD oil can have a positive influence on serotonin levels in the body.
  • Insomnia – people report using CBD oil has helped them gain quality restorative sleep.
  • Affecting 1 in 4 females aged 65 and over, low bone density associated with osteoporosis increases the risk of fractures. CBD oil can play a vital role in reducing bone density loss.
  • Mood swings including anxiety tend to be higher around the time of the menopause due to the hormonal changes. Managing mood swings and anxiety is essential to well-being. CBD oil can help to reduce these negative health impacts.
  • CBD oil has proven anti-inflammatory properties, lowering inflammation and protecting the joints against inflammatory damage which in turn causes joint pain.

Former Loose Women star, Andrea McLean can attest to the benefits of taking CBD oil speaking publicly in May 2019. Her doctor recommended CBD oil to cure hot flushes associated with the menopause. She said “It has ­massively taken the edge off things with the flushes, and it has made me less ­anxious because anxiety is still a key thing for me. It is not an anti-depressant but what I no longer feel is that sensation of being on high alert.”

Will CBD work for me?

In conclusion, the issues and health impacts that women face as they go through the menopause are multifaceted. The use of CBD oil on a daily basis can play a pivotal role in helping to get the ECS back into a state of homeostasis, the balance needed to maintain a healthy equilibrium within the body.

And for women suffering from menopause symptoms, achieving this balance will lead to a greater sense of wellbeing, raising the quality of life they can live. How women deal with these menopause symptoms is a matter of personal choice; whether they prefer pharmaceutical or prescription drugs or a more natural naturopathic pathway including CBD oil. This may depend on menopausal severity, where a combination of both could be a good option. 

One thing is for certain, CBD oil is becoming more popular according to statista, where twenty-one per cent of people in Britain have taken it. And with so many people experiencing the health-related benefits of CBD oil, it’s certainly worth giving it a try for all the potential advantages it can bring to your daily life.

“This is real. This is life. We’re really here… this is really happening.” …Zadie Smith.

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