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CBD oil helping the environment

By choosing Elements CBD, you not only experience the benefits of a greater sense of wellbeing, but you benefit the environment as well.

So how does hemp benefit the environment?

Hemp is one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable materials available that has been used over the centuries to produce all kinds of products. Today, as consumers become more environmentally conscious, hemp is gaining in popularity, here’s why.

The hemp plant is 100% eco-friendly and resilient

This dense, fast-growing, high yielding plant, requires very little water, naturally repels pests so no toxic chemicals such as fertilisers or pesticides are used. It purifies and prevents soil erosion returning 60-70% of its nutrients into the ground.

Hemp can be used as a biodegradable plastic

Petrochemical plastics have become the biggest polluter of our environment around the world. With the latest advances in technology, hemp can now be used as an alternative bioplastic that is renewable, sustainable and fully biodegradable.

Hemp is completely recyclable

Not only do we use the whole plant, its seeds, leaves, stalks and fibres, but we can recycle everything made from hemp as well. Hemp is used as a recyclable resource to produce rope, textiles, paper, fuel, bioplastics, insulation material, hempcrete, and even animal bedding.

A tremendous food source

Hemp is full of nutrients that we can benefit from by adding it into our daily diet. It’s a fantastic source of protein that contains all the essential amino acids, and its seeds can be added to granola, yoghurts, soups, salads, and much more. See our healthy recipe guide.

Environmentally friendly cosmetics

Hemp is used for skincare product as it contains is a rich source of nutrients and fatty acids that restore and soothe the skin. Its natural texture gives a smooth after-feel to effect, and as a balm, CBD oil can leave your muscles and skin calm and moisturised.

Makes great clothing

Fire-resistant, and ten times stronger than cotton, hemp fibre is extremely durable, breathable and free of chemicals, making hemp fabric very hypoallergenic, perfect for those with sensitive skin. It keeps you warm in the winter and is cooling in the summer.

At Elements, we source only the finest organic natural premium quality hemp plants, grown from within sustainable farmlands in Europe.

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