Our quality promise to you

Our products are natural, organic, tested and certified

Your health always comes first. That's why we work with the most reputable companies within the EU, to bring you the highest quality CBD products on the market that are tested and certified to bring you peace of mind with every purchase you make from us.

Best Quality CBD Oil Guarantee

Elements comply with all UK legal requirements and we are fully transparent with the origins, contents and authenticity of our high-quality products.

CBD Oils GMP Certified

GMP is the standard used by the pharmaceutical industry that is followed by our suppliers ensuring that our products are consistently produced and controlled.

CBD lab testing for safety and quality

Our products are tested in specialised laboratories to guarantee the cannabinoid and terpene profile and to ensure they are free from contaminations and pesticides.

CBD Certificate of Analysis

With every purchase you make from us, we provide a Certificate of Analysis confirming the authenticity of our products and each bottle having a batch ID.

CBD Oil for Vegans

Our products which consist of CBD-rich hemp oils, natural oils and aromatic terpenes oils are 100% natural with no animal ingredients or derivatives.

THC free CBD Oil

When we say THC free, we mean THC free! All of the THC from our Active brand is removed and a certificate of authenticity is provided with every purchase you make.

Our quality promise to you

All of the ingredients in our products are gluten-free including our CBD oils, natural oils and aromatic terpenes which make up the natural ingredients.

For further information on our range of products, you can visit our shop.

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