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For those who live a more active lifestyle, whether that's a brisk early morning walk or preparation for your next professional tournament, studies continue to show the benefits of CBD oil in sports when it comes to exercise and recovery. So, whatever stress you put your body, the use of Elements CBD oil in sports will help relieve pain from injuries, reduce recovery times and improve sleep quality.

Benefits of CBD oil in sports

Quality sleep

CBD can improve sleep quality, one of the most effective ways an athlete can achieve greater training gains

Retains muscle mass

CBD can help to increase and retain muscle mass for the athlete looking for extra strength and power

Stronger immune system

CBD can help to strengthen an athletes immune system assisting on how the body deals with stress and infections

Alleviates stomach discomfort

For endurance athletes that suffer from GI distress (Gastro Intestinal), CBD can help to reduce symptoms

Reduces inflammation

Known for its anti-inflammatory effects, CBD can reduce the swelling and soreness caused by training

Relieves pain

CBD can reduce pain from training and increase the pain threshold while minimising muscle cramps

Reduces anxiety

Can help reduce stress and tension when under pressure providing greater focus and concentration

Sport is for everyone; whether you are a serious athlete, or pursue sports for enjoyment and relaxation, experience the benefits that Elements CBD oil in sports will bring to your life, and to your sport.

What is your sport?


Lucas Glover, winner of the 2009 US Open stated, using CBD is“the biggest benefit is calmness.”


Dominic Day & George Kruis have praised the way that CBD helps to “put their bodies back together.”


Teal Stetson-Lee uses CBD to treat injuries and sore muscles and believes “as an athlete, CBD tinctures and creams are extremely useful for injuries and sore muscles.”


Riley Cote, retired NHL winger said, "I wish I had known about the benefits of CBD much earlier."


Mandy Moore, dancer and choreographer uses CBD oil on her feet to relieve heel pain and is well quoted in the media for her CBD oil use.


Simon Church was reliant on painkillers before switching to CBD and believes that "it could have saved his career."

Mixed martial arts

Alex Montagnani BMMA welterweight claims that CBD has “taken his training to another level.”


Judith Hagger, uses CBD as a muscle relaxant, “I also found my sleep improved massively - I was able to really relax and recover through deeper sleep.”


Gabby Douglas, Olympic gymnast uses CBD for pain relief and believes that "I could have been more pain-free throughout my gymnastics career if CBD had been allowed.”
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Join the increasing numbers of athletes who are experiencing the benefits of CBD oils in sports

Tell us your story about the benefits you have experienced using Elements CBD in sports. We'd love to hear from you!

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