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Dean Hammond

“Using CBD oil is essential in my physical and mental recovery from rugby matches and training. It has aided my sleep and reduced muscle and joint inflammation which allows me to perform at my best. No matter if you are a professional athlete, an active person training regularly or you just want to improve your sleep and reach deeper levels of relaxation, I would highly recommend Elements products.”

Dean Hammond uses CBD in Rugby

Professional sport


“I’ve found that by taking just a couple of drops per days gives me more energy and that extra mental focus – its incredible!”

CBD oil testimonials - Josie

Oliver Anwar

Personal trainer at the Worker Coach “I use Elements CBD to help me sleep, rest and recover after training.”

The Worker Coach

Professional coach


“I was a bit sceptical at first but thought I would give CBD a try. Wow, what a difference it has made to how I feel, thanks to Elements!”

CBD oil testimonials - Jane

Guy Thompson

“Using Elements Active CBD helps me with my recovery both mentally and physically”

CBD oil for rugby

Professional sport


“Since using elements CBD, I have been sleeping better and more consistently. I also use it as part of my skin care routine, adding it to my moisturizer. I have found it to be very soothing to my skin.”

CBD oil testimonials - Renee


“Due to my daily training regime, rest and recovery are both extremely important. Since using elements active CBD, I have found my recovery time to increase, with less inflammation and pain. My sleeping pattern has also improved meaning I get the most out of my workouts.”

CBD oil testimonials - Liam

Alex Woods

British Men’s Junior Physique Champion. “Using Elements Active CBD oil enables me to recover more quickly after a workout and prepare mentally for my next session.”

CBD oil for weight lifters

Professional sport


“CBD was new to me, and after reading all the positive stories about it, I thought I would give it a try, and I’m not disappointed; now I feel more relaxed and get a much better nights sleep!”

elements hero alan


“I workout hard, and after a few days of taking Elements Active, I found that I was getting more rest and my body was recovering much more quickly than usual, giving me more energy for my next session.”

CBD oil testimonials - Bernie


“Elements is a super product that has removed any sense of anxiety that I could feel from time to time – now my husband takes it as well, and we love it!”

elements hero arvi

Jordan Fletcher

Personal trainer and bodybuilder”I use Elements CBD which helps to facilitate a better nights rest for optimal recovery and maintain muscle mass.”

CBD oil for bodybuilding


“Once I got the dose right, taking Elements 1000mgs, gave me a new sense of energy that makes me feel more active throughout the day”.

CBD oil testimonials - Montse


“I travel a lot with my job which is physically and mentally stressful at the best of times. Taking Elements CBD has made a big difference helping me cope much better with the time changes leaving me feeling more refreshed and ready to go.”

elements hero graham


“I put my body through a lot of stress training and competing in marathons. Elements Active CBD helps me to recover more quickly particularly during periods of intensive training.”

elements hero julia


“Long days in the office could be a little stressful at times, but now Elements CBD helps to take the edge off this and makes a positive difference to my sense of wellbeing.”

elements hero paul


“I became very ill with cancer which left me with little hope. Large doses of CBD not only helped me through months of chemotherapy, but I truly believe it helped to save my life”. Read David’s full story here.

CBD oil testimonials - David


“After taking Elements CBD I’ve never slept better!”

CBD oil testimonials - Julie


“Life can be hard at times, especially during these lockdowns and CBD helps me relax and deal with everything.”

elements hero andy


“Elements CBD keeps me going, especially during and after long gigs with Johnny and the Zephyrs, as it helps me rest and recover.”

CBD oil testimonials - John
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