Can CBD cure cancer?

Can CBD Cure Cancer?

Can CBD cure cancer? That’s the big question, and according to mainstream science, there isn’t the research or evidence out there to prove it. And whilst you might ask yourself why, despite the fact that people have been using CBD for the treatment of ailments for centuries, that’s not the topic of this article. Instead, this focuses on my personal story and how CBD helped with my fight against cancer.

Diagnosis and treatment

After several misdiagnoses over eighteen months, I was eventually diagnosed with a sarcoma in my right thigh that had grown to over ten centimetres in diameter. The hospital gave me a treatment plan that started with chemotherapy, followed by an operation to remove the tumour, then radiotherapy every day for six weeks. With such a late diagnosis, I was left with little choice as there was no time to explore alternative treatments.

Whilst I had to go through the acceptance of having cancer with a sixty per cent chance of survival, it was difficult to accept the chemotherapy as I knew what it would do to my body. And I was told by the consultants that the treatment for sarcomas would be very hard with lots of side effects, and they were right!

Cancer returned (metastasis)

I made it through the treatment, and the operation was a success. However, I lost eighteen kilograms in the process, and I wasn’t overweight! My recovery was slow, and I returned to work after nine months from the start of my treatment. I was continually in hospital for tests as the possibility of the cancer spreading was high.

After two years, I truly believed that I was clear, and then suddenly I fell ill and had to go back into hospital. The cancer had spread to my right lung, very aggressively, and I was in the hospital for six weeks whilst they confirmed my diagnosis. They prepared me for the worst and told me there was little they could do except to undergo more chemotherapy to try and extend my life as much as possible. I agreed to do that.

Research into alternative remedies

However, during the recuperation period of my first illness, I spent a lot of time researching alternative therapies. There were two which seemed to make a lot of sense; the keto (ketogenic) diet and CBD (cannabidiol). During my research, I found that cancer feeds off sugar and the keto diet reduces carbohydrate levels, causing blood sugar levels to drop, so the body starts to break down fat to use as its primary source of energy. This deprives the cancer of sugar and slows down its growth.

I also found a lot of evidence that CBD oils can help cancer, which ranged from helping with the side effects of chemotherapy to it slowing down its spread and even that CBD can cure cancer completely. So what had I to lose – can CBD cure cancer?

Taking action

As soon as I received my diagnosis in hospital, I started the keto diet. My wife brought me keto food every day, and I stuck to it religiously! For CBD, in Europe, there is just one clinic in Spain where they prescribe CBD through medical doctors. After an initial telephone consultation, I went to see them and asked the question, can CBD cure cancer? Whilst I didn’t get a definitive yes, they explained the benefits and positive results they had achieved. They prescribed me with high-quality CBD, building up to large doses over several weeks. The CBD was 1000mgs, and I took a minimum of 50 drops per day.

The benefits of CBD with cancer

The effect of the CBD was incredible, and as I had been through the same chemotherapy before, I was able to compare it with both treatments. My sickness stopped, and my appetite grew, and all my other side effects either reduced or disappeared. I felt relaxed, focused, confident, and able to deal with anything. So whilst I didn’t have the answer to, can CBD cure cancer, it was certainly helping with my illness.

After six months of treatment, taking the CBD oils and following the keto diet, my tumour had reduced significantly, and the consultants told me they could operate. The surgeons removed my tumour, and analysis showed that it was mostly dead.

So can CBD cure cancer?

So how did the combination of chemotherapy, keto and CDB work? Well, I can say that the chemotherapy on its own wasn’t effective. Why? Because during the treatment on my leg, the tumour kept growing. But the combination of all three treatments worked. I know how much the CBD helped, and I’m sure the keto diet played its part. But can CBD cure cancer? Well, ultimately it worked for me, and it’s important that I share my story.

My journey inspired me to develop the Elements brand with my son Max, which has been twelve months in the making, researching and finding the best products available. You can find my profile under the heroes section of the Elements website. I hope you found this article of interest, David Farthing. Please feel free to comment below, or contact us directly.

Note that the above article is based on an individuals experience. All information presented on the Elements website is provided for information purposes only. It should not be construed as medical advice and is not intended to replace the advice of a qualified medical practitioner.

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  1. What a truly inspiring story and that you for sharing the details

    Appreciate we must touch over time but I hope you are recovering well and wish you health and happiness for 2021.

    Best wishes


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