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Elements has teamed up with Sportster. Keeping fit and active, while working through your training routines is a good way to maintain fitness and stay active throughout your life. Over time this training takes its toll on our bodies leading to joint and muscular pain. As a way to help relieve the ongoing stress we put our bodies under during training we have produced a CBD product aimed at the training enthusiast. This is the perfect company pairing. 

Come join Sportster where you can interact with hundreds of like-minded sports enthusiasts, ever thought of playing sport local or abroad? With the Sportster platform we help players and clubs create lifelong connections, from playing rugby out in Australia to Soccer in America you can create your profile today. And the best thing is Its free!

Sportster is created to help clubs and player connect, on a safe platform where there are no finders’ fees, you can post vacancies from working within the sporting sector to playing positions for any club or organisation.

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We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible service and advice. Our knowledge on CBD is extensive and through new research, we increase our understanding of the use of CBD and its derivatives as a therapy.

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