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CBD helps deal with pain

Deals with pain

CBD Relieves Anxiety

Relieves anxiety

CBD helps to improve your sleep

Helps you sleep

CBD for sports

Dean Hammond uses Elements Active

“Using Elements CBD oil is essential in my physical and mental recovery from rugby matches and training. It has aided my sleep and reduced muscle and joint inflammation which allows me to perform at my best.”

CBD oil for sports - active packaging
CBD used in Rugby
CBD oil for sports - active packaging
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CBD oil for mind & body

Experience how Elements can help you achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle

CBD for quicker recovery in sports

CBD oil to aid recovery

CBD brings benefits within the sports community, including: improved training recovery time, reduced joint inflammation, decreased muscle pain.

CBD oil that helps you relax

CBD oil for anxiety relief

CBD relieves stress and anxiety, calming the mind and creating a general sense of wellbeing that will carry you through the day.

CBD oil for quality rest

CBD oil for sleep

CBD can increase sleep quality and help with insomnia allowing you to have a good nights sleep waking up refreshed and ready to go.

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Premium quality CBD

Elements oils are made from the highest quality hemp plants that are farmed and produced within Europe following Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Coming from our selected certified growers, our oils are lab tested for purity and come with a certificate of analysis.

High Quality CBD Oil
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Easy to use

By just taking one or two drops under your tongue you will feel the difference.

Elements CBD Oil Packaging

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CBD oil for sports - active packaging


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